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Area Rug Cleaning in Eagle Mountain, TX

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Introducing an area or Oriental rug can elevate the visual appeal of any home. Much like strategically hung wall art or beautiful paintings, rugs harmonize with the room’s decor, adding to its overall atmosphere. However, unlike wall decorations, area rugs often withstand considerable foot traffic, often placed strategically in high-traffic zones to enhance, invigorate, and safeguard these living spaces. This begs the question: How can we ensure the protection of these cherished rugs?

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Like carpets and upholstered furniture, area rugs serve as home air filters, trapping dirt and allergens and preventing them from circulating to other areas. However, for them to effectively fulfill this role, proper maintenance and cleanliness are essential. Just as you would replace the air filter in your home ventilation system regularly, it’s crucial to regularly clean your carpets, upholstery, and area rugs. Our skilled professionals prioritize meticulous care and attention to detail, restoring your rugs to their original splendor while eliminating dirt and allergens.

What Hiring an Expert Means to You

When it comes to caring for valuable possessions like cars or refrigerators, you seek out expert technicians. The same principle should apply to your rugs. Chem-Dry professionals are trained to clean all types of rugs, from common area rugs to delicate Oriental or Persian ones. Our specialized tools and equipment ensure effective yet gentle cleaning tailored to your rug’s material. We preserve vibrant colors and prevent residues that attract dirt, ensuring a cleaner, safer home environment for your family and pets.

We understand the importance of your rug’s appearance and longevity. That’s why our certified technicians handle each rug with care, providing thorough evaluations and customized cleaning. Whether it’s a Pakistan-Keshan or a Romanian-Tabriz, trust us to restore its beauty. We offer in-home analysis and no-obligation quotes, and our rug cleaners may recommend off-site services for optimal care.

Our deep cleaning process removes dirt and allergens while preserving your rug’s vibrancy. We inspect for stains and pet messes, providing spot treatment for thorough removal. With Chem-Dry of Fort Worth, your rugs receive expert care, ensuring they look fabulous and last for years to come.

Chem-Dry of Fort Worth provides high-quality services like area rug cleaning in Fort Worth, Eagle Mountain, Benbrook, Saginaw, North Richland Hills, and Keller.


“John the owner/operator, does a great job. You will be totally satisfied with his work. Super nice guy, hardworker. Definitely a pleasure to work with.”

Dell F.

“John, the owner returned my call, the only one, out of five Chem Dry companies. He wasn’t available that week, but due to a cancellation, he fit me in.🤗 He arrived at my home. I showed him the areas to clean. He got right to it, and cleaned everything to my satisfaction. He is super friendly, professional, does an excellent job, and I would recommend him to others if they needed a carpet cleaning service.”

Melanie C.

Expert Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

Before our Chem-Dry area rug cleaners begin the main cleaning process, it’s essential to clear away larger clutter like shoes, toys, and any other items that could obstruct the cleaning or pose a tripping hazard. By tidying up the area rug, you contribute to a thorough, efficient, and safe cleaning process.

Area rugs are often placed beneath coffee tables and other small furniture pieces to enhance the room’s decor. While these pieces add aesthetic value, they can hinder the cleaning process. Our technicians specialize in oriental rug cleaning, not furniture moving. It’s advisable to relocate furniture items such as coffee tables, plant stands, and floor lamps to a nearby room temporarily. These can be moved back after the cleaning process once the rug is dry.

If you’ve spotted stains or flaws on your area rug that concern you, it’s essential to communicate these to our cleaners. Your satisfaction is our priority, so please make a note of any specific areas requiring extra care and share these details with the cleaner.

The presence of a new person in your home, especially one with unfamiliar equipment and scents, can potentially distress your pets. To ensure a smooth cleaning process, consider making arrangements for your pets to stay with a friend or relative, or confine them to another room or the backyard during the cleaning.

It’s easy to overlook the need for a clear pathway for our technicians to access your home and the rug. Ensure there’s a clear route from the technician’s vehicle to your front door and from there to the rug. Some technicians may use equipment attached to their vans, so it’s helpful to move any cars blocking access to ensure efficient and safe cleaning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to clean an area rug?

The cost of cleaning an area rug depends on the following factors:

  • Whether you clean it yourself or have it professionally cleaned
  • The area in which you live, and the availability of cleaning services
  • The size of the rug
  • The extent of the dirt or damage

Is Chem-Dry of Fort Worth a steam cleaning service?

No, Chem-Dry of Fort Worth is not a steam cleaner. We use carbonation to lift up dirt and grime from your carpets so we do not need to use the gallons of water that typical steam cleaners use. Continue on to the next question below to see how Chem-Dry compares to steam cleaning.

How do you clean a rug without a steam cleaner?

To avoid the amount of soap and chemicals often involved with steam cleaning, Chem-Dry employs a process with millions of tiny bubbles, which work together to gently but efficiently remove dirt from the depths of the carpet. This natural method uses 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning.

Are Chem-Dry products safe for my kids and pets?

All of the ingredients in Chem-Dry’s primary cleaner, The Natural®, are on the F.D.A.’s G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized as Safe) list and are safe for your carpets, home, family, and the environment. Like the name states, The Natural® doesn’t contain any harsh soaps or chemicals, but is rather composed of natural elements that are safe for your carpets.

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